I'm Interested

Are you interested in auditioning for the  2019-20 KDC Competition Team? (Ages 6 and up are welcome!) 

Email Kelley at kelleysdancecraze@gmail.com for more details.

KDC Competition Team Requirements for the Summer

Dancers who are auditioning for the KDC Competition Team are required to commit to the following summer training:  2 weeks of Summer Intensive and 5 weeks of summer classes.


Auditions for the 2019-20 KDC Competition Team will be held at the studio- July 19 at 4 pm. Results will be posted within 24 hrs of auditions.

Cost- $10 per dancer.  *A late audition date may be added at the studio owner's discretion before fall classes begin.

Competition Team Names

Our KDC Competition Team consists of the following levels: Minis, Petites, Juniors, Intermediates, Teens, and Seniors. *Dancers move up in teams based on ability, not age. **Current KDC Competition members may not skip levels.

One Team

Although we may be  broken down into different levels, we are still one unified team. We will grow together, work together, and cheer each other on through every KDC event/performance. We will designate big/little sisters and big/little brothers for fun events in the future- each young dancer will have someone special to look up to! 

KDC Competition Team Gear

KDC is now selling special dance gear with our name, logo, and team! (Tank tops, jazz shorts, t-shirts, and more!) These special pieces will only be available to our competition team members, and they will be allowed to wear them in all of their classes (except for ballet). Our first order has already been submitted. We will let you know when our next order is due.

2018-19 kdc competition team requirements

2018-19 KDC competition team handbook/contract